Good Light at the Supermarket

25 05 2011

Are you the type of person that in a supermarket reaches toward the back of the fresh food shelf to find the freshest products (with the latest expiration dates)?
Well, if the answer is yes, you might be wrong to do it, but not for the reason you think.´

New studies from de US Department of Agriculture advise consumers to look for the food packages that are more in the front of the shelves, that are more exposed to supermarket light.
These scientists found that spinach leaves exposed to continuous light during storage were, overall, more nutritionally dense than leaves exposed to continuous dark.
This happens because it occurs a light reaction of photosynthesis, which is not temperature-dependent and can occur at 4ºC in the right type of light. They found that the continuous this artificial light can result in a significant increase in levels of carotenoids and vitamins C, E, K and B9 (folate).

The down side is that this study only used spinach leaves, so we don’t know if it has the same reaction and consequences in other types of fresh food or vegetables. In other hand, on other types of product it might damage the food, but we’ll never know until they study it.

In the mid time it’s better to use fresh and biological food, just to be sure that you’re eating the best!

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