A new tool to predict Salmonella levels

6 05 2011

Scientists from different nationalities got together to develop a new software tool that used on pork can predict Salmonella levels.
Previous researches about Salmonella and it’s life cycle have contribute to develop this tool. This innovating software uses temperature, pH and water activity values to get an accurate result, since it’s a known fact that this bacteria needs certain conditions to develop. However it’s growth prediction is difficult, because it has different stages of development under different circumstances.
They were able to combine different studies about Salmonella and create a database that really helps to predict it’s levels (in a wide group of situations).

This is another great study that can help us to eat quality food (in this case quality pork meat). Specially because problems induced by Salmonella are too frequent and they are almost all consequence of poor cooking and eating.
We just hope they can develop a even greater tool that can be used in all types of food and predict levels of other microorganisms. (not only Salmonella on pork)
It’s good to know that someday we can rely on the food we buy and eat….

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