Can Peanut Butter be Carcinogenic?

29 04 2011

Studies and experiments with different peanut butter’s brands suggest that there’s a possibility that it may contain carcinogen aflatoxin. The Organic Authority explains that this happens because peanuts’ shells can allow fungus with aflatoxin to penetrate into the nut.
However there are not enough studies that can prove that aflatoxin really can cause cancer. But in developing countries, where there’s no soil quality regulation, has caused liver cancer.
In consequence of this concern every single commercial brand of this product should be tested for aflatoxin, just in case. Organic Authority also says that making your own peanut butter can be even worse, a higher risk, because peanuts stay too long with no refrigeration, allowing more mold, more fungus, to develop. So, natural peanut butters may be more susceptible since “they are less processed and have shorter shelf life, therefore the mold is more likely to thrive” (according to Planet Green).
These conclusions and potential risks have been a concern of some scientists for quite some time now, ant these concerns and alarms have already sounded before.
Besides this risk, Peanuts are worth eating because of all their health benefits.

If you want to avoid this, just put your peanut butter in the fridge, and you’ll keep fungus away!!

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