Sugar = Toxic ?

25 04 2011

We now sugar is an empty nutrient, but is it poisonous ? An article in the New York Times Magazine says yes.
Nowadays we find sugar in almost every food we consume (soft and energy drinks, juices, cakes, etc) and we know that this fact is linked to overweight, obesity and diabetes. Actually some studies suggest that people who quit drinking this kind of beverages loose significant weight in just a few months.
Sugar can also contribute to a lot of other health problems, like fatty liver disease and tooth caries.
And what about nutrients? Sugar only delivers calories and nothing else.
New studies also suggest that this substance can cause cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.
Many scientist are still trying to study sugar properly, and understand and figure out how different forms of sugar are processed by the body, but they still can’t say which one is the most ‘unhealthy’.
Some food, like fruit, are full of sugar (fructose) but they are healthy and good to eat because of all the nutrients they have in addiction, like fibre.
However, through the years, we saw that there are many contradictions in this kind of studies, blaming just one nutrient. So, we need to have in mind that we should indeed eat less sugar, but we can not say for sure that sugar is the cause of all our diseases and problems.

So, keep studying and researching, we all need to know what we can eat for sure.

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2 07 2014
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Sugar = Toxic ? | el GUSTO de saber


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