Addicted to Food ?

6 04 2011

We often hear people saying “I’m addicted to chocolate” or even “I can’t resist fried food”. Now there’s a study that claims there’s truth on that sentences.
This study was published in Archives of General Psychiatry and it’s about a group of 40 women whose brain was scanned at the moment they had to choose between a chocolate milkshake or a “calorie-free tasteless solution”.
With this brain scanning they found that some parts of this organ, that have previously been associated with Drug and Alcohol addiction, were stimulated when women were thinking about the chocolate milkshake. This levels of stimulation could vary and they were higher on people who had a more level of ‘food addiction’.
The author of this study said “If certain foods are addictive, this may partially explain the difficulty people experience in achieving sustainable weight loss”.
Researchers also say that these parts of the brain can be activated with all the commercials of tasty food we see everyday.

This can be the explanation about some of the problems that people have losing weight or going into a strict diet.

Should there be an addiction treatment like there is for Alcoholics or Drug Addicts?

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