Do you prefer a Car made of bananas or pineapples?

1 04 2011

Nature is really amazing!!
In a nearby future we may be able to drive cars made from bananas, coconuts or even pineapples. This fruits have fibrous cellulose (nanocellulose) which are really strong and can be used just like Keviar (used to make cars and machinery). In addition this cellulose compound is lighter and biodegradable, that means it’s better than the materials that are used nowadays.
Combined with petroleum-based plastics, this machineries would be renewable and decomposable, and besides that, a lighter car means a lower gas consumption. The known car company Ford, is already thinking about using this new materials and reducing by 115 Kg to 340 Kg their cars weight.
These materials are still being studied at São Paulo State University (Brasil) in small quantities in the lab. They still don’t know much will it cost, but they are certain that it won’t be cheap. This disadvantage can disappear with an world wide high production.
These scientists are already thinking about steel and aluminum alternatives also.

We think this could be a great invention, specially nowadays, because of what our environment is suffering.

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