Influences on Young People Eating Habits

25 02 2011

Do you believe that parents are the ones that ‘dictate’ what their son or daughter eats ? Not really!

Many studies have demonstrate that parent’s influence on children’s eating behaviors is minimal, and sometimes not even existent.

This happens because children’s eating patterns are influenced by many complex factors, and the family environment plays only a partial role.

Television, Internet, school meals and environment around school property, such as cafe’s and fast food chains, represent a much bigger factor in young people food relating decisions.

This subject and consequent concerns are being studied all around the globe, specially in the United States. But will the thousand of studies be sufficient? Or will children continue to eat mainly fast food and processed sugar, and increase child obesity?

In our opinion this is an alert to parents.

Please be the role model and implement healthy food patterns at home, but be sure your kids follow it!

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